TINADA srl is a spin-off from the University of Foggia

Tinada’s main field of activity is the development of digital content for education in formal settings (schools, universities) and informal (publishing, museums, parks, farmers, exhibitions, et.).

TINADA SRL is specialised in the valorisation and market testing of the university’s research results and products. The company produces contents for multimedia communication projects in mixed reality (digital / analogic), in line with the new landscape of media and cultural convergence characterizing the contemporary digital society.

The company works in particular in the areas of multimedia design, distance learning and innovative communication processes. In addition, TINADA staff is composed by young professionals with experience in research and project management, as well as with different skills and competences (economics, agronomics, marketing and social science).

TINADA is also involved in the MISS project (Masseria di Inclusione Sociale Sanitaria-educativa) focused on local social farms, and funded by the Cohesion Fund in Apulia Region (“convergence” objective). The company also participates in the last call for Operational Groups (OGs) launched by Apulia Region (Apulia Rural Development Fund – RDF). TINADA will thereby contribute to the project’s aim of organizing knowledge exchange at a regional level, thus linking the activity of the project with the ones launched regionally through the OGs.

Coherently with its mission of bridging and connecting research and practice, TINADA will be involved in the project networking activities, and in particular in the activities related to the promotion of an effective exchange of knowledge between the different levels and types of actors targeted by the project.

Moreover, TINADA staff will bring its expertise in analysing economic performance of agricultural activities, short food supply chains, and methodology for case-studies and good practices analysis, as well as in business models development.


Mariagrazia Perri

Alessandra Conte



Short supply chain knowledge and innovation network

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement N.728055