CONFAGRICOLTURA – Confederation of Farmers

It is the organization that represents and protects Italian agricultural enterprises . it acknowledges the leading role of agricultural entrepreneurs in the establishment and  development, both economic, technological and social, of  the Italian  agriculture and agricultural businesses.
Confagricoltura is full seated across the Italian territory through regional federations (19), local offices and town representatives (2,143), sectorial federations (to which provincial and sectorial unions refer) and product federations (which coordinate local product offices). 
The organization is based in Rome, in the historical palace “Della Valle”. it is also active in Bruxelles (Copa Cogeca, Farm Europe), with its liaison office, and in other countries of the European Union.
It also deals with matters related to young and elderly agricultural entrepreneurs, who are represented, within the organization, by ANGA (National Association of Young Agriculturalists) and the National Union of Pensioners.


Mr. Daniele Rossi




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