Campden BRI Hungary

Campden BRI Hungary Ltd.(CBHU) is an independent industrial, non-profit research and development organization providing R+D services, knowledge transfer and training to a large number of food businesses

It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Campden BRI, UK. It has long national and international experiences in food industry R+D, in product and process development, technology transfer, food safety management. Key activities: product and process development, technology transfer, food chain management, consumer and sensory sciences, quality management, food legislation. Long experience in working in food industry related international programmes as experts, consultants, trainers: UNIDO, EU Phare, USAid, World Bank, etc. 

Previous experience related to the tasks:

Experience in dialogue and working with SMEs and developing decision making procedures and tools for the industry, in converting research results to industry solutions and pilot testing of them with food businesses, including SMEs. Furthermore producing recommendations for the industry, including SMEs, policy makers, mediator organisations, researchers.

Experience in qualitative and quantitative consumer research, specific experience in using these techniques for collecting industry views and practices, working for retailers. CBHU has different consumer panels and well equipped sensory laboratory, which is a member of the ESN (European Sensory Network). 

Developing good hygiene practice guides – leading the industry panels (more than 40 guides, including the currently used 24 Hungarian sectorial ones according to the current EU hygiene legislation. Long experience on managing the development of guidelines.



András SebÅ‘k



Short supply chain knowledge and innovation network

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement N.728055