Agri-food Cooperatives Spain

Agri-food Cooperatives Spain is the organization which represents and defends the economic and social interests of the spanish agricultural cooperative movement

Thus Agri-food Cooperatives Spain is the common body which represents all the cooperatives of every Autonomous Community of the spanish territory. Agri-food Cooperatives Spain defends cooperative's interests towards the national Administration, the European Union and the rest of the sectors' social and economic agents in which the agricultural cooperatives develop their activities. The aim is joining forces in order to defend the farmers' and cattle breeders' interests.

Moreover, Agri-food Cooperatives offers training, information and advisory services through their offices in Madrid and Brussels. In that way they are contributing to improve the agricultural cooperation's efficiency in achieving its economic, social and human goals.

Agri-food Cooperatives Spain represents almost 3.844 cooperatives being part of Federations and Unions in all the Autonomous Communities, which a total annual turnover of 25.6 million euros, according to data of OSCAE 2013.



Juan Sagarna


Susana Rivera


Irene Cerezo


Nerea Lerchundi



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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement N.728055