Agrar Projekt Verein

Association for agricultural projects

Concerning SFCs, the APV on behalf of the Austrian Chambers of Agriculture is running the quality assurance programme “Gutes vom Bauernhof” (“Good things from a farm”), which was introduced in 1998. Within this scope, the APV developed and maintains a website, an app (“Deli radar”), a mobile website version, a database, where all 1.600 Austrian holdings with direct sales, which participate in the programme, are kept up to date. In the meantime all farmholiday holdings and certified regional restaurants joined the database.

A second field of activity is a national award on regional specialities (“GenussKrone” – “Crown of pleasure”).

The most recent project is a separate database on recipes of traditional regional food which was launched in October this year and which is performing very well. In September 2016 the Agrarprojektverein as leader of a cooperation network won a tender to run national coordination platform for all regional activities.



Christian Jochum



Short supply chain knowledge and innovation network

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement N.728055