Many little clumps make a big field

SKIN creates a European network of good practices in the short food supply chain domain, connected to overcome knowledge fragmentation and to support bottom-up innovation initiatives.


The estabilishment and the engagement of the community, through the organisation of 6 thematic Innovation Challenge Workshops, is the preliminary aspect SKIN is tackling to raise awareness on good practices, the exchange of experiences, ideas and innovative projects, and overall the possibility of spreading across EU regions and territories efficient management of short supply chains, benefitting both the economy and the environmental sustainability of regions and society concerned.


The creation of two different working groups will be aimed at identifing specific aspects, experiences and shortcomings in SFSCs management aimed at generating demand driven innovations. 


  • Twenty-five regional nodes: composed by the community of stakeholders active at the different regional levels involved within the SKIN consortium through coaching activities.
  • Six sub-thematic working groups: composed of 3 to 4 partners and, when relevant, external experts.

SKIN will go beyond the creation of a network of practices. Specifically, SKIN will aim at generate concrete actions in innovating SFSCs, through the improvement of the double-directional flow of information between research and practice, and its exploitation for the co-creation of new innovative and successful solutions.


  • The organisation of 6 innovation workshops is aimed at generating at least 30 ideas for innovation, based on a bottom-up approach.
  • Coaching activities will be aimed at providing concrete support to the development of 10 demand-driven innovation projects


Short supply chain knowledge and innovation network

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement N.728055