SKIN Innovation Challenge Workshop

Logistic and Distribution - 8-10 May 2019, Palazzo della Valle (Rome, Italy)

The Confederation Of Farmers “CONFAGRICOLTURA”, in cooperation with the University of Foggia (Dept. of Economics), is pleased to coordinate 6thEuropean Innovation Challenge Workshop of SKIN project (Horizon 2020). SKIN is one of the most interesting EU thematic network financed by the European Commission in the field of short food supply chain. It is characterised by a very active approach in identifying new ideas and new business models to shorten the Agrifood chains and to promote innovate practices and organizations and tackle the impact on short food chains of key trends, like, digitization, logistic and innovation in retail. 

This workshop addresses the important topic of Logistics and Distributionsin the Agrifood sector which will be analysed under different perspective and  thanks to the participation of different experts and stakeholders from different EU countries. SKIN will also take advantage from consumers’ favourable attitudes towards local products and local markets through the introduction of different cases.

During the workshop a rich program of presentations and debates will be implemented as follow: 

Confagricoltura, presented by the President Mr. Massimiliano Giansanti, is the most important collective organization of Farmers in Italy, representing 60% of the Country’ territory, 70% of the Agrifood turnover, and 34 % of the Italian farmers. Confagricoltura network has 140 offices all over the Italian Regions, more than 1600 employees, giving assistance to the thousands of associates (186.000) and representing the legitimate interest of the farmers versus the european and national  Institutions and governmental and public Authorities. Confagricoltura is a full member of COPA COGECA and CEJA in Bruxelles  and of the National Food Technology Platforms Food For Life, coordinated in Rome.

After an introduction of Mr. Daniel Rossi, Delegate Research & Innovation of Confagricoltura and of Prof.ssa Mariantonietta Fiore and Mr. Fedele Colantuono, University of Foggia and Coordinators of the SKIN EU Project, Prof. Remigio Berruto, University of Turin, will outline the challenges of the Short Chains in Logistic and Distribution of Food, paying particular attention to the first and the last mile, collecting from the farmers and delivering to the final consumer.

Mr. Bin Liu, Nutrition and Food Systems Officer, Nutrition and Food Systems Division of FAO, will inform the stakeholders onImplications of Short Food Supply Chains on Food Waste and Nutrition, in a sustainability point of view.

The new rules on distributed ledgers and smart contracts in Italy, exploring the potential of Blockchain Technology Application in the Food System will be faced by Mr. Fulvio Sarzana di S. Ippolito, Lawyer and Adjunct Professor at University of Nettuno, Rome. Mr. Sarzana is a National Strategy Blockchain Member of the Ministry of Economic Development.

From the long history of the nordic countries, Mr. Jorn Bang Andersen, from the Danish Embassy in Rome, will describe the Danish Experience on  Short Food Supply Chains. With reference to the Italian legislative proposals, Hon. Mr. Gallinella, Hon. Ms. Gagnarli and Sen. Mr. Bergesio will present the "Norms for the promotion of the agrifood products made by a Short Supply Chain” (Camera 183, Senato 878).

Selected and shining experiences of Italian case studies on Short Food Supply Chains and Distribution will follow: CONAD (D.G. Mr. Daniele Furlani);  COOP (D.G. Mr. Albino Russo); Social Farmers Networks (President Mr. Marco Di Stefano); the role of the Confederation of Farmers (Delegate Quality Mr. Luigi Tozzi) and the role of the Young Entrepreneurs ANGA (President Mr. Raffaele Maiorano).

A Short Food Supply Chains  Foresight and brainstorming and debate with the 60 EU Attendees and Stakeholders will close the Session, chaired by Mr. P. Crehan (CKA) and Mr. Daniel Rossi (Confederation of Farmers), coordinating the discussion and authors of the final papers.

The 9thof May the Skin Group will reach Martignano lake (50 km north from Rome), to visit the farms, in particular the Cooperative Casale di Martignano direct seller (, have a comprehensive food experience and direct discussions on Farmers practices in Italy, with Mr. Marco Di Stefano, President of the Social farming network, and Mr. Aurelio Ferrazza, President of the Cooperative and Senior Expert on  Short Food Chains.


Short supply chain knowledge and innovation network

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement N.728055