Invitation to 'Short food chain in practice' inspiration tour

You are invited for a day filled with inspiration

The bus will take you to several businesses where you can experience, in practice, how they operate. A few examples of topics: joint distribution, 'Fresh from the farm' label, experimenting kitchen and grocery boxes. The evening promises a lecture by a trend watcher and a networking dinner. We expect representatives from a variety of European countries, to share experiences.

During the day, the excursion by bus will consist of four local initiatives in the Belgian/Dutch border region. Each business markets their products in their own unique way. You will enjoy a tour of each location, as well as an open conversation with the owner, who will tell you about the origins of the business, market developments, and their positive and negative experiences so far.

The evening program consists of a networking dinner at a farmer's shop, with an opportunity to participate in cooking workshops. In addition, trend watcher Gert Laurijssen will give a presentation. He works for Foodservice Alliance, a knowledge network in the world of food and drink. 

This program is offered free of charge through the SKIN project. Lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and drinks are all included. In the event of non-attendance or cancellation after 10 April 2018, we will need to charge €150 per participant.

Sign up quickly, because places are limited. Registration is possible until 10 April 2018:

The tour will visit the following businesses:


Appelen Roes in Oud-Turnhout

A farm boasting 65 hectares of fruit (apples, pears, and cherries) and in-house production of a variety of apple juices and mixes. This farm has developed three shops and an online sales channel. It is a member the DistriKempen network, together with 10 other producers, who supply restaurants, bars, accommodations and retailers with joint distribution.


Franken Agro in Postel

One of the largest potato producers in Belgium, with 400 hectares of potatoes. Also grows a variety of vegetables. Processes peeled potatoes and fries. Vegetables can also be cut and packaged as desired. They also offer an extensive assortment of fruit, both fresh and in the form of juice, dried products, or desserts. They have a farm shop and are a member of the DistriKempen network. They also developed the ‘Fresh from the farm’ label, a cooperation between various producers.


De Laarhoeve in Diessen

A care farm where people with (occupational) disabilities can do useful work. They have an own-brand product line with over two dozen products based on own recipes without aromatics, colourings and flavourings. The assortment consists of various types of jam, dessert toppings, apple sauce, poached pears, red cabbage, chutneys, pasta sauces, etc. The products are available in approximately 30 supermarkets. They also process class II vegetables for other businesses. Realisation of an experimental kitchen and a new professional processing line. Other parties can use these or ask Laarhoeve to develop products for them.


De Walhoeve in Goirle

Farm shop with home-reared beef and products from fellow farmers and gardeners.

Serves as pick-up point for the successful Boerschappen, who create grocery boxes with products from dozens of local farmers, which are available for home delivery. De Walhoeve also delivers to a hospitality wholesaler, among others. This business is also actively involved in GoeiEete, a 2009 citizen initiative to enable consumers to place weekly orders for local produce.


’t Schop in Hilvarenbeek

This is an organic farm with a shop selling meat, vegetables, cheese, etc., including products by local producers. They also provide cooking workshops for 12-18 people. Participant in the Slow Food Brabant network.


Short supply chain knowledge and innovation network

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement N.728055