Innovative stories from our short food supply chain community

ISP, ZLTO, HAS and UGENT - members of the SKIN Working Group on Fresh products - identified 39 good practices related to fresh short food supply chains.

Here is the first set of five shining examples.

1) Interested to learn how the hospitality, catering and health care institutions can order local fruits and vegetables through one platform in Zeeland? Check out the website of Verskoop

2) How about getting to know how Larder360 - a community co-operative – bring together local food producers and consumers?

3) Interested in a novel mobile retail service that gives primary producers direct access to their customers by combining products from different producers? Visit mobile farm store 2.0 (

4) Have you always wanted to know more about creating the distribution chain and network to bring people from the city into contact with rural local products and producers? Foodhub can inspire you:

5) Looking for a solution to combine the production of local products with tourism? Be inspired by Heritzer

More information on these good practices can also be found on our Good practice repository (, together with many other inspirational good practices. This repository enables to navigate through more than 100 good practices on short food supply chain around Europe.


Short supply chain knowledge and innovation network

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