Foresight Report on the future of short food supply chains

Future success and growth for SFSCs in Europe is not something to take for granted

In looking for good practice cases, we saw many interesting initiatives likely to improve the business performance of existing business, but we also saw many factors which have led to a major transformation of the retail-consumer complex, which is currently being played out in the US and Asia, as well as a Europe, referred to by US analysts as “the retail apocalypse”. This can be read as a warning to SFSCs in Europe. It also provides an opportunity to observe how retailers are responding to the apocalypse, also referred to as an “adapt or die” moment for major players in the industry. A large part of this report is a search for inspiration for new practices to adopt based on the reaction of retail to the very significant changes happening in their industry for the last 5 years and the new relationship with consumers that is merging as a result.

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