2° meeting SCAR AKIS SWG 5

19-20 Nevember, Kaunas (LT)

The SCAR SWG AKIS meeting in Kaunas has been the second meeting of the 5th mandate endorsed by the SCAR plenary in December 2018. It is specific role was to discuss the following topics defined in the 5th mandate:

  • M1+M2 (“AKIS”) measures take up during the current RD period:
    • M1: “Knowledge transfer and information actions” (Art 14 of R.1305/2013)
    • M2: “Advisory services, farm management and farm relief” (Art 15 of R.1305/2013)
  • Presentation of knowledge exchange plans in MSs
  • H2020 projects on knowledge exchange activities

One of the aims of SCAR AKIS group is to help member states with the planning and implementation process of their AKIS related activities. One of the topics accepted in the 5th mandate was to explore the possibilities of knowledge exchange and peer-to-peer learning in agriculture. We did not miss this opportunity and Claudia Delicato (UniFg) participated to the event representing the SKIN thematic network as well!

At this meeting in Kaunas it has been highlighted the role of on-farm demonstration and other knowledge exchange activities. The purpose has been to learn from and discuss the results of the relevant H2020 projects and the experiences of the MSs current RDP measures.

The meeting has seen the contribution of Member States (Chambres of Agriculture and Ministries) as well as Inge Van Oost and her team in DG Agri. The group has also visited a local middle-sized farm near Kaunas: this has been presented by the owners in its activities and its interaction with local advisers. The tour has presented how an impartial local/regional advisory service (Lithuanian Agricultural Advisory Service (LAAS)) is working with the farm, the process of knowledge transfer, assistance in farm management, etc.

Further info will be published on the SCAR AKIS website and related channels.


Short supply chain knowledge and innovation network

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement N.728055