Short supply chain knowledge and innovation network

Food: a place of trust where producers and society must meet

Re-connecting the two extremities of the food supply chain, reconciling producers with citizens, stimulating mutual trust and supporting the development of the short food supply chain economy, based on common values on food, its origin and production method

Remigio Berruto - Distribution and qualityOpen Video
Aurelio Ferrazza - Multifunctional farm Open Video
Cheikh Diop - social cooperative Open Video
Claudia Delicato - SFSC logisticsOpen Video
Daniele Rossi - Consumers and SFSCOpen Video
Si T’es Jardin    -    Paris AMAPOpen Video
Coopaparis      -       Paris CoopOpen Video
Yuna Chiffoleau - France SFSCOpen Video
Marco Di Stefano - Social farmingOpen Video
Áine Macken Walsh - AKIS, Knowledge ecology Open Video
Kylemore Farmhouse - raising skills SFSC case Open Video
Exclusive Escargot - raising skills SFSC caseOpen Video
Gleann Buì Farm - farming & skills Open Video
Patrick Crehan - famers' new skillsOpen Video
Nathalie Markiefka - Foodture platformOpen Video
Elisabetta Falchi - farmers' new skills and tools Open Video
Rafal Serafin - SFSC Regualtion in PolandOpen Video
Our Orchard - Quality check systems Open Video
Christian Jochum - SFSC Regulation in AustriaOpen Video
Leonardo Di Gioia - SFSC Regulation in ItalyOpen Video
Beal Organic CheeseOpen Video
Susana Rivera - SFSC Regulation in SpainOpen Video
Luigi Tozzi - Organic RegulationOpen Video
Fedele Colantuono - SKIN & multi-actor approachOpen Video
Appelen Roes - Fresh apples for SFSCOpen Video
Franken Agro - Fresh potatoesOpen Video
De Walhoeve - Bulls and SFSCOpen Video
De Laarhoeve - social practiceOpen Video
’t Schop - calves grown naturallyOpen Video
Mini kiwi fruit plantation and technologiesOpen Video
Áperte Brewery - Guerrilla brewingOpen Video
Martin Collison on BlockchainOpen Video
Simon Pearson on BlockchainOpen Video
Fulvio Sarzana on Blockchain Open Video


Short Food Supply Chains are characterized by maximum one intermediary between producer and consumer

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Promoting innovation from the ground, bottom-up and demand-driven in the short food chain domain

Land use
6 Dec 2019 Bringing food producers and consumers closer to one another

A successful story from SKIN

2 Dec 2019 KEEP IT SHORT

A new community of practice in SFSC from SKIN

21 Nov 2019 2° meeting SCAR AKIS SWG 5

19-20 Nevember, Kaunas (LT)

7 Nov 2019 Fairtrade of local fruits and vegetables at fingertip

A prototype may make this possible for SFSC

28 Oct 2019 Small is smart - Innovative solutions for small agricultural and forestry holdings

EIP-AGRI Workshop - Bucharest, Romania, on 29-30 October 2019

SKIN creates a community of relations for the economy of the future


Short supply chain knowledge and innovation network

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement N.728055